Zeblaze ZeBand, A Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wristband

The brilliant wristband is invited by individuals, particularly the youthful. It brings a few helpful capacities and it additionally can be utilized as a beautification to demonstrate your in vogue dressing style. In this article, I will reveal to you something about another item Zeblaze ZeBand. The substance includes four sections, including plans and shows, capacity, battery and particulars.

Outlines and Shows

This new item is outfitted with a 0.94-inch low dispersal OLED touch screen, and you can utilize the motion connection to work it by means of touch control. This outline is helpful that it will consequently show the ascertaining information of heart rate, step, time, development remove, calories, and so on. It is made of avionics aluminum material. What’s more, it components compatible adornment groups. In the center place of it, there is a heart rate observing sensor, which is utilized to raise your heart rate. Incidentally, it offers four hues choices, including Black, Blue, Green and Purple.


Above all else, it underpins heart rate observing. It applies the wrist optical heart rate innovation, which can uninterruptedly screen the heart rate and better record calories utilization. On my conclusion, this capacity is appropriate for the individuals who might want to deal with the body and stay in shape. When you do any sort of activity, you can wear it.

In addition, it has swimming mode, which can precisely channel the information of arms’ development amid swimming through the figuring technique for a three-pivot increasing speed sensor. It is furnished with the effective IP67 global defensive properties. Accordingly, you can wear it to wash up or go swimming.

Moreover, it can track your rest time insightfully. You can check your rest propensity graph by means of the application to help you enhance your rest quality. By setting Vibrate Mode, you will begin another day loaded with vitality without awakening your mate.


It is worked in a 90mAh lithium polymer battery, which underpins 15 days standby. Also, it needs around 1.5 hours charging time.


Mark name: Zeblaze Zeband

Bluetooth rendition: Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth working extent: 15M

Dialect: English, Simplified Chinese

Waterproof: Yes

Water safe: IP67 Certified

Screen sort: OLED

Determination: 160*68 pixels

Heart rate: Elevate TM Heart Rate chip

Similarity: Android 4.3/iOS 8.0 or more framework

Shading: Black, Blue, Green, Purple

Battery: 90mAh Lithium polymer battery

Standby time: 15 days

Charging time: around 1.5 hours

Measurements: 43*16*10mm

Weight: 24g


Zeblaze ZeBand is a phenomenal item that it has different valuable capacities. On the off chance that you are the individuals who like doing games, it would be your great decision.

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